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Why You Need a Buyer Agent

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

If you've ever searched for a new home, you know that the real estate market can sometimes be tricky, if not outright discouraging. You see a home pop up on Zillow, one that you think you might want to take a look at, decide to swing by the Open House on Sunday, but by Saturday morning, the listing is gone. It has disappeared from Zillow completely, or even worse, it has the disappointing sub-heading of Pending below the listing. So how does this happen? How did the house sell so fast? And if it's so hard to find a great house, then how did your neighbors snag their house before it even went on the market?? The answer = a buyer agent.

So what is a buyer agent? And why would you need one? You might not even be ready to move for another six months, maybe more, and maybe you won't end up moving at all (think: Love it or List it). Well, that's even more of a reason to find a great buyer agent. So we're going to give you the top three reasons why you should hire a buyer agent.

1. We know the market

This one sounds obvious, but let me explain. We really know the market. Let's say you are looking for a home in a specific neighborhood with an in-law suite and a pool. Well, we can tell you who, in that neighborhood, is going to be ready to move in the next six months because all their kids have gone off to college, and who is willing to show their house even thought they are not necessarily ready to move but would be willing for the right offer. We can tell you who just finished a fabulous renovation, who added a pool house, and who will never move. So bottom line: as your buyer agents, we will get you into the house that's not even on the market.

2. We can get you in fast

The reason certain homes sell so quickly is likely that the buyer had been working with an agent that knew exactly what they wanted, knew the home was coming on the market, got the buyer in fast, and made an offer. We can do this for two reasons. 1) We, as agents, have access to listings that are not yet on the market, but are on "Coming Soon" status in the MLS. This means that we can be the first in the door when the house is ready to be shown. And 2) We talk to other agents all the time. We know who sells houses in the neighborhoods you want, and we will contact those agents for you.This way, you won't have to wait for your perfect house to come onto the market- you will know about it ahead of time!

3. We represent YOUR best interests

Buyer Agency means that we, as your agents, represent your best interests and will negotiate on your behalf so that you can get the best deal possible. We know the Maryland real estate laws and contracts and can protect you when things get tricky. Like, did you know that if you have a contract to purchase a home in a neighborhood with a Homeowner's Association, and you receive the HOA documents and decide that you don't like the architectural guidelines of the neighborhood, you can terminate the contract within five days? Do you know the recommended level for radon? Do you know how much the seller is required to pay for if there is termite damage to the home you are purchasing? Do you know what an earnest money deposit is, and how much it should be? Luckily, we know all these things and more, and will educate you during every step of the process when you are buying your new home.

If we haven't convinced you yet why you should hire a buyer agent, give us a call. Ask us questions. Put us to work. That's why we're here!

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